8 reasons why chiavari chairs are so popular for weddings and events

High society weddings regularly use them, the Oscars wouldn’t be without them and then can normally be seen at some point during royal state dinners  –  what are they, you’ve guessed it –  it’s the Chiavari chair.

Chiavari chairs have quite rightly earned there place as the most popular style of chair for weddings and events, but whats makes them so popular?

As one of the leading suppliers of Chiavari chairs here’s 8 reasons why we think Chiavari chairs are so popular:


Elegance & Sophistication

Chiavari chairs strike the perfect balance between naturalness and elegance, not overly ornate and certainly not plain.


Great looking without the need for chair covers or decoration

With chiavari chairs available in numerous colours, along with there naturally elegant style, they really do work well on there own. Whilst standard hotel chairs or chair covers are reliant on sashes or other decor to make them look good chiavari chairs really are perfect as they are.


Limitless creativity

Chiavari chairs are great as they are however if your a bride who loves to create then chiavari chairs provide you with the prefect canvas. Colourful sashes, double sashes, vertical drops and hoods, the options really are limitless.


Available in a variety of attractive colours

We offer chiavari chairs in limewash, gold, silver and mahogany – with this range of colours it means there is a colour for every occassion.


Lightweight yet sturdy

Chiavari chairs are a lightweight, stackable chair which makes them extremely practical as they can be moved easily by venues, something that is particularly helpful if the chairs are being used for a wedding ceremony and then being moved to be used for a wedding breakfast and evening reception. Our chiavari chairs are also extremely durable, all commercial quality and tested to british standards for strength and durability.


They still look great at the end of the evening

Whilst chair covers look fantastic when guests arrive its safe to say they don’t look quite as clever as the night goes on, the creases set in and the sashes drop down the chairs. One of the real positives of using chiavari chairs for your wedding or event is that they look as great at the end of the night as they did at the start of the day.


Gives your room an open feel

Standard hotel banqueting chairs or chair covers provide a block of colour which can suffocate space and make a room look cluttered. The open design of chiavari chairs means that they have the opposite effect and really do open up rooms.

Great for both ceremonies and receptions

Seeing row upon row of chiavari chairs set out for a wedding ceremony is a seriously elegant site!