Our Chairs – 5 key points

Ok we know that in the exciting world of weddings and events this might not be the most glamorous blog post.

But if you are interested in hiring chairs for your wedding or special event here are 5 points that make our chairs fit for the job.


Tested for strength & durability.

The last thing that you want is to have chairs at your wedding or event that are wobbly and not strong enough to do the job that you have hired them to do.

To ensure that our chairs are strong enough to withstand commercial use we stipulate that they must have been tested to British standards for strength and durability.


Fire retardant pads

Nowadays event chair pads come in all sorts of materials and designs, whilst many of these may look the part are they safe? Where our chairs come with a seat pad we stipulate the chair pads are fire retardant – whilst this makes no difference to the look of the pad we believe that its important that our chairs are as safe as they possibly can be.


European beech wood

Nowadays Chiavari chairs are constructed from many types of wood. We believe its important for our chairs to be the best and we therefore stipulate that all our Chiavari chairs are made from European beechwood rather than cheper alternatives. Using European beechwood makes our chairs stronger and more durable than chairs made from cheaper alternatives.


Storage & Maintenance

To ensure that our chairs go out on hire in the best possible condition they are always stored in dry, secure storage and are regularly checked to make sure they are it good working order. In addition to this our chair pads are regularly cleaned and replaced when necessary.


Regular clients

Finally we believe that the best endorsement for the quality of our chairs is the amount of repeat business we receive. Throughout the year we work with many wedding venues, hotels, marquee companies and event organisers who hire our chairs on a regular basis. Quite simply if we didn’t provide chairs of the highest standard we wouldn’t have loyal clients who use and recommend Jollies as their preferred chair supplier for weddings and events.


If you have a question about our chairs which we haven’t covered here get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.