5 tips for choosing the right chair for your wedding

Rustic oak crossback chairs - Blue Goose Hire

Are you planning your wedding and looking for the perfect chairs for your big day?

Every year we supply chairs for hundreds of weddings – these are our 5 top tips when choosing chairs for your wedding.

1. Will your chairs be used for both ceremony and reception?

If your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception are all being held at the same venue then there is a good chance that the chairs you hire will be used for all three.

2. Are your chairs being decorated?



3. Are the chairs going to be used outdoors?

The right chairs can look really great when they are set up in rows for an outdoor ceremony. If you are hiring chairs that are going to be used outdoors then don’t forget to check with the hire company to make sure the chairs can be used outdoors. We are happy for our chairs to be used outdoors however there are other companies that don’t allow this – asking this simple question at the outset gives you the peace of mind that your hired chairs can be used outside.

4. Are the chairs in good working order?

Nowadays wedding chairs come in all shapes and sizes and unfortunately in all sorts of conditions as well. If you are hiring chairs for your wedding be sure that the chairs (and seat pads) you are hiring are in good condition both structurally and cosmetically.

5. Don’t forget the registrars!

When calculating the final number of chairs that you will need to hire it is very easy to count all the guests who will be coming to your wedding but forgetting the registrars.